At Brickhouse Gym all of our trainers understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.

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Master Trainers

$85 per 60 minute session.

$42.50 per 30 minute session


JT Smith


Sports Conditioning
Boxing Coach
Strength Training

JT is a former competitive Boxer. he brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all his clients and classes.

Paul Taylor

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Powerlifting/Strength Training
Body Building

Paul began powerlifting at an early age, so it’s no surprise that he went on to compete nationally. He approaches his own training with patience and resolve and brings that same attitude to his clients.

Junior Trainers

$70 per 60 minute session

$35 per 30 minute session


John Tran


Functional Training
Olympic Weightlifting
Sport Specific Conditioning / Training

As both a registered massage therapist and kinesiologist, John has an exceptional understanding of movement. Combined with his background in athletic therapy and love for sports, John is more than capable of prescribing a training program that meets your wants and as well needs. 


Nick Enns


Sports Conditioning
Strength & Resistance Training
Hyperbolic Time Chamber Training

Nick's love for anime, comics, and general nerdom is only exceeded by his passion for physical activity, nutrition, and health. While going to school for kinesiology, Nick worked in the supplement industry and took several courses in nutrition because he believes that with the right combination of nutrition, exercise and dedication, there is no goal that is out of reach. 


Krissy Boyd

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Certified Personal Training Specialist Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences. 

3 years experience working 1-on-1 with clients providing individualized and detailed nutrition and training programs.

I absolutely love what I do!

Amanda Burg

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Sports Conditioning
Powerlifting/Strength Training
Pre and Post natal Fitness

Amanda has worked in the medical field for over 10 years and has a degree in Indigenous health and wellness.   Her area of interest is in Powerlifting and sports conditioning. She is an active member of the Manitoba Powerlifting Association, as a competitor, referee official, and currently on the executive board of directors.  She is certified through the Manitoba Fitness Council and the National Fitness Leadership Association as a group instructor in sports conditioning and pre-and post natal fitness.  In addition to this Amanda is a certified Powerlifting coach through the Canadian Powerlifting Union.

*Amanda is currently not accepting new clients

Megan Swidnicki

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B.A Kines. Applied Health
Certified Personal Trainer
Cross Fit level 1
Strength Training

Megan began working in the fitness industry in 2012 to help grow bootcamps in Portage la Prairie.  She developed a love for Crossfit and powerlifting as both an athlete and a coach. She provides 1-on-1, group training and dryland training. She has worked with people of all fitness and athletic levels and takes pride in helping each client reach their personal goals. 

Jason Geiger

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Body Building
Combat Sports Training
Circuit Training

Jason has been personal training for 15 years and been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2005.

Jason has competed in the USA, Canada and Japan. Some of his BJJ/Grappling accomplishments are: 2010 Grappler's Quest Canadian National Champion, 2010 Grappler's Quest USA National Silver medal, 6 time Manitoba Provincial Champion 

Fought in many MMA competitions and was an active professional wrestler from 1999-2005

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