Meet Our Team

Brickhouse is your neighbourhood gym! We want each of you to feel welcome and its starts by getting to know us!

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Paul Taylor

Founder and Co-Owner of Brickhouse Gym.

I created Brickhouse Gym just over 10 years ago with the goal to create an environment to help people reach their full potential. Brickhouse has never been your typical gym and i pride myself on that.  We have equipment suited for everyones needs. 

In my years of training i have come to believe that when you want to change your body, it starts by just doing it. To get in shape,  don't wait for the start of the a month, or new years it can be any random wednesday, Just do it. Its all in the first step!



JT Smith

Co-Owner of Brickhouse Gym.

"The more you do, the more you do" - JT Smith

A little humour can go a long way when encouraging atheletes to perform their best.

Brickhouse Gym is a space in which I am humbled to share my training and experience coaching my students.

Brickhouse Gym was founded in 2008 with the premise that everyones an athlete. A motto that we believe helps encourage people of all ages, ability and size to strive to become their best self. Having extensive backgrounds in fitness, training, and boxing, my business partner Paul and I simply wanted a space to train our clients. Now, our passion has grown into two fully equipped gym locations.

My gym is my passion. I am inspired by my students, which is why I am so devoted to providing dryland space and coaching for todays youth.

Boxing is my first and forever love . As a former competative boxer, I am honoured to share tips and techniques with my students who make my job so rewarding and inspire me greatly.

You can find me teaching classes throughout the week at our Gertrude location as part of brickhouse gyms ongoing boxing classes.


Kierra Coomber

Operations Manager

I recently graduated from the U of W with my 4-Year Kinesiology and Applied Health degree focusing in Exercise Science (say that 10 times really fast). For the first time EVER I do not have to return to school in September (ask me how happy about that I am….Pretty happy). As a former elite level basketball player turned mediocre body-ish builder and who knows what I will dabble with next… Brickhouse Gym has something for everyone and that’s why I am grateful for the opportunity to be thrown into the Brickhouse family mix.  

Aside from working out, much of my spare time goes towards raising my firstborn child Shilo (she’s a 4 month-old German Shepherd). If we are not at the park then we are probably at home playing a vicious game of tug-of-war.

If you catch me without Shilo attached at my hip, it’s probably because I am on a what I like to refer to as: foodventure. Yes, I also spend time scoping out ALL of the donut and food related happenings Winnipeg has to offer. 


Lauren Fulham

Multi-Media Coordinator.

I have been a part of Brickhouse for the last 6 years, so naturally i know this place like the back of my hand. I have put my literal blood (cut my hand on putting up the change room mirrors), sweat (on that grind) and tears (couple of thrown out backs from putting away too heavy of weights that my pride told me otherwise) into this place that with much effort from us all, has officially became kick a$$. 

Outside of BH, Sports are "my thing" as i have competed nationally in ringette, and provincially for junior hockey. You may catch me 'nerding it out' over biology and as a classic millennial actually keeping up with the kardashians... if i lost you there i swear its better than Jersey Shore!

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Harley Friesen

Administrative staff.

I am a former elite Ringette athlete that got to train here at Brickhouse in the dryland program, I am grateful to continue my love for fitness in this facility now as an admin! With hopes to end university with a Business degree, I would love to base my own company upon health. While I am not at the gym I am passionate for spending time with loved ones, eating ice cream and singing. 


"Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong."


Nina Richardson

Administrative Staff

I started lifting weights when I was 14 and quickly started chasing the idea of strength and pushing limits. Working out became more of a passion than a hobby which is most definitely why I wanted to be at Brickhouse, especially as I pursue a degree in Kinesiology at the U of W. 

Apart from working out I’m passionate about a wide variety of things, but mainly; music at blaring volumes, really great food, how much we impact the environment, and hilarious vines.

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Dakota Friesen

Administrative Staff.

Throughout the 12 years I have been playing ringette, 2 have been spent training here at Brickhouse which has brought me to work here as an admin! My goal is to end university with a Bachelor of Science degree so that I can pursue a career working as a pediatric oncologist.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong”

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Crystal Tomychyshyn

Administrative staff.

I started working out at the Brickhouse gym in January 2012. The owners of the gym helped me out so much with my fitness journey, that it only made sense to work part time and assist in helping them succeed. 


Jessica Nott

Administrative staff.

I have been a ringette athlete for over 10 years now, and have grown to love living an active lifestyle. I am very thankful for my opportunity to train at Brickhouse with my team for two seasons now and have learned a lot throughout my training experience. I am happy that my favourite sport that I grew up on has further led me to working as an Admin at Brickhouse

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Annabelle Farrell

Staff Assistant

I play high-level ringette competitively and it is my true passion. I enjoy meeting new people every time i come to work, so come and say hi!


Ryann Bannerman

Administrative Staff

I fell in love with brickhouse about 6 years ago when I got the chance to train here through competitive ringette. My favourite memory of training at Brickhouse gym is when the cats were brought into the gym during our training session, which definitely made the workout a lot more FUN!!! The positive energy and atmosphere you experience here is something that cannot be explained until you experience for yourself.

Outside my love for the gym, I still enjoying playing ringette at the national level and working towards my Physical Education degree. You can also catch me practicing handstands on daily, playing with ANY dog that I see, or training for the next big thing in ringette


Gracy Corneau

Staff Assistant

I have been a part of the sporting community throughout all my life. As an elite athlete, I have had the pleasure of training at Brickhouse gym and can speak first-hand about how great this environment is. One day I would like to further a career in sports medicine. 

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Mogwai Smith

Grand Poobah

Initially from a siamese family, i was born to a single parent. Though it was apparent by my non lack of fur and straight vision, i might have been switched at birth... ("How i was switched at birth" - The Mogwai Muggerson Smith Story p. 57 2012). Born to the dusty landscape of urban life in the village. I have several brothers and sisters who were adopted first, i was the last to be adopted because i was extremely pick. 

I enjoy short walks in the sand, temptations, people with long nails, and people that don't laugh at me.

My favourite saying is "look but don't touch the fur" and i hate hearing "omg his face is so flat!!" 

I detest the vacuum, cleaning, my own litter, snap chat filters with dog faces... (not funny)

My education you ask?? First Aid CPR 2011, Drivers permit for a class 4 without air brakes, Baby sitting level 1 and 2, Conflict Resolution level 1A (but 1B)