Meet the team behind brickhouse

JT Smith - Owner & Trainer

The more you do, the more you do
— JT Smith

A little humour can go a long way when encouraging atheletes to perform their best.

Brickhouse Gym is your neighbourhood gym and my buisness. A space in which I am humbled to share my training and experience coaching my students.

Brickhouse Gym was founded in 2008 with the premise that everyones an athlete. A motto that we believe helps encourage people of all ages, ability and size to strive to become their best self. Having extensive backgrounds in fitness, training, and boxing, my business partner Paul and I simply wanted a space to train our clients. Now, our passion has grown into two fully equipped gym locations.

My gym is my passion. I am inspired by my students, which is why I am so devoted to providing dryland space and coaching for todays youth.

Boxing is my first and forever love . As a former competative boxer, I am honoured to share tips and techniques with my students who make my job so rewarding and inspire me greatly.

You can find me teaching classes throughout the week at our Gertrude location as part of brickhouse gyms ongoing excel bootcamp & boxing classes.

For all inquiries, please contact me directly at