Brickhouse Reward Program

Membership has it's privileges!


What is the Brickhouse Reward Program?

Brickhouse Rewards allows Brickhouse members to gain points just for coming to the gym! Points go towards prizes, and monthly draws. It is quick, easy and free to register and use!


How does it work?

All members will receive a Brickhouse Rewards Program key tag from the front desk. Every time a member scans in using their Brickhouse Reward Key Tag they receive 20 points when using the regular gym and 100 points when participating in classes.

Once you accumulate 500 points they can be redeemed towards a number of great prizes.

We also include anyone who achieved 200 points with-in a month into a monthly draw.

In the background you accumulate life time points. So once you redeem your first 500 points, they don't disappear they still count towards life time point prizes

To better track your points, you can download the mobile app called Brickhouse Gym Rewards from the app store!


What are the prizes?

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