About Brickhouse gym 24/7

Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at Brickhouse Gym believe that getting yourself back to work means setting your own pace. So start your journey with us today. 

Who Are We?!

Founded in 2008, the first location on Corydon avenue was a small personal training centre which transformed from a corner shop to the first 24/7 gym in Winnipeg!

Since then we have expanded to two locations ~ 104 King Edward which is a 12,000 sq ft centre and 418 Gertrude ave measuring at 5,500 sq ft. We also increased our offerings which include dryland rentals, boxing, bootcamp and Barbell classes. We offer seminars with knowledgable trainers in their specific sport, special events for members and in house competitions.

We cater to our community, build friendships with our members and care about your progress with your fitness goals! That's Brickhouse

What you should know about Brickhouse Gym!

  • 24/7 access to members with the key fob

  • drop-ins to non-members are available during our office hours

  • We have a friendly, casual and no judgement environment

  • shower facilities at both locations but bring your own towel!

  • Change room with day use lockers available at both locations ~ bring your own lock to secure your items

  • Open mic policy for our music which allows members the freedom to decide what music they would like to play and listen to.

  • No long term commitment contracts



  • Personal Training

  • Bootcamp and Boxing Classes

  • Spin & Swing Hybrid Class

  • Barbell 101 Programs

  • Team Drylands

  • Dryland Rentals


Members can take part in our many seminars that are put on by Brickhouse Trainers or Celebrity Trainers/Athletes this involves;

  • Brickhouse Boxing Clinics

  • Olympic Lifting Seminars

  • Celebrity Strongman Seminars

  • Pro-Athlete Powerlifting Clinics


  • Annual Brickhouse Power Challenge powerlifting Meet

  • Annual Brickhouse Gym's Manitoba Classic Strongman Competition

  • Brickhouse Barbell Club

We host 2 major in-house competitions that allow members to reach numbers to qualify for provincial competitions.


Members can take part in our brickhouse reward program to receive discounts and win prizes. There are monthly draws and special member perks

  • 20 points for every gym visit

  • 40 points for partaking in classes

Members can also win prizes with our partner companies such as Float, Moksha Yoga, Popeyes and Norwood Chiropractic Centre.

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Sport Training:

  • Safety Squat Bar

  • 80 ft turf

  • prowler

  • sled

  • Balance Boards

  • Ropes

  • Trap Bar

  • Hurdles

  • Hack Squat

  • Reverse Hack Squat

  • Leg Press (single and double)

  • Arm and Leg Bands


  • Heavy Bags

  • Speed Bags

  • Box Master

  • Angle Bag

  • Boxing Gloves

  • Body Bag

Accessory/Body Building:

  • Universal Cable Machines

  • Free motion cable machines

  • Quad Extension

  • Hamstring Curl

  • Dumbbells (3lb-150lb)

  • Kettlebells

  • Incline/Decline/Flat Benches

  • Military Press

  • Incline Press

  • Preacher Curl

  • Glute Ham Raise

  • Reverse Hyper

  • Medicine balls

  • Bosu Balls

  • Calf extension

  • Captain's chair

  • Thruster Station

  • Selectorized Strength Equipment


  • 0.5lb to 55lb plates

  • competition spec plates

  • competition spec squat rack and bench

  • squat racks

  • bench presses

  • deadlifting platforms

  • bumper plates

  • competition spec bars

  • barbells 35lb to 45lb

  • Benching Blocks

  • ohio power bars


  • logs

  • swiss bars

  • atlas stones

  • sand bags

  • kegs

  • farmer carrys

  • tires

  • Yoke

  • circus dumbbells

  • viking press

Olympic Weightlifting

  • Lifting Platforms

  • Bumper plates

  • both bushing and bearing bars available


  • treadmills

  • ellipticals

  • stair master

  • jacobs ladder

  • stationary bikes

  • assault bike/air dyne

  • Skipping ropes